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Estate Planning Hub empowers the average person to make smart estate planning decisions.  You may find all the information you need here to "do it yourself" or you may decide to seek advice from an estate planning attorney.  Either way, you'll benefit from being better informed.  You can read about my personal experience, probating an estate, at my probate story

We have basic information that, for instance, answers medicaid questions; provides free estate planning forms; and  power of attorney resources.  We provide very practical help including "how to" videos  showing exactly how to do various estate planning related like things like how to get a tax ID for an estate.

It's all about practical estate planning information for regular people.   You might think "estate planning" sounds stuffy and boring.  It may not even sound like anything you'd be interested in.

But, really, estate planning is about everything important in your life.

It's about your:

Estate planning is about doing things to maximize resources that improve your life and the lives of those you love. It's about arranging your financial affairs so that you have more time and money to share with people and causes you care about. 

You might even discover that you have a larger estate than you thought. Most people underestimate the total value of their assets – including their insurance policies, employment and government benefits, and real estate – that will pass to their heirs.

We have a whole new series of articles about medicaid issues. Here's the place to find them and also to ask your Medicaid Questions. For a terrific medicaid planning book, go to Medicaid Secrets

It's not about the money, either. Money is just a great tool to help us and our loved ones live our very best life – lives that are full, generous and fulfilling. Time is our most precious resource. And money can buy us time.

If you agree, then this site is for you.

We invite you to join in. This site is a community effort between thousands of people interested in improving their financial lives. At the bottom of many pages within the site is a place where you can submit your own thoughts and ideas as well as read comments submitted by other readers.

We hope you will contribute. The entire Estate Planning Hub community will be richer for it – maybe in more ways than one.

Feel free to read more about us or contact us with any questions or comments you have.

For detailed information about revocable living trusts, medicaid trusts and credit shelter trusts, please visit our sister site: Free Living Trust Information.

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--by Beth Heikkinen
Marquette, Michigan
I just want to thank you for this site. It answered my questions. I think many people that do research on the net take it for granted and when they find what they are looking for they forget "someone put time, money, etc into providing me with this information."

Thank you!

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